ISLSP-CIBER 2022 International Symposium



6th International Symposium on Languages for Specific Purposes (ISLSP) 


Centers for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)


The Future of LSP: Research, Assessment, Curricula

Hosted by: The University of Chicago Language Center 


April 21-22, 2022


This symposium is a welcome opportunity for the LSP community to gather and share scholarship and pedagogy related to LSP theory, methodology, and practice. The 2022 symposium looks toward LSP’s future in all levels of the curriculum and the academy, with an eye toward the growing body of evidence-centered empirical research that will get us there. 

Proposals are sought for 20-minute individual papers related to the topics below. Please write your proposal in English and limit it to 300 words. Include a 50-word abstract. We welcome proposals from multiple presenters, but each presentation is limited to 20 minutes. The symposium language is English. 

Proficiency guidelines in LSP assessment and curricula

  • How do proficiency guidelines and or proficiency / competency targets play a role in LSP assessments and curricula?
  • How can ACTFL standards be adapted to the LSP context? 
  • How can we best measure student progress in LSP courses and programs?

Reverse design of LSP courses for real-world applications

  • How can LSP courses be reverse designed?
  • What valid assessments are available in LSP – or do we need to design our own?
  • How can domain analysis research inform the design of and assessment in LSP courses? 

Online LSP

  • How can LSP courses be taught effectively online?
  • What are exemplary models for virtual exchanges and online internships / Community Servie Learning (CSL)?

Informing LSP curricula through research

  • What is the research basis of LSP?
  • How can research inform LSP pedagogy?
  • How do we build a body of research as in other disciplines?

LSP, cultural paradigms of language education, and issues of social justice

  • Where does LSP fit into the cultural paradigm on your campus?
  • How are advocacy and outreach part of language programs, especially for LSP / CSL courses?
  • How can LSP courses promote social justice?

Professional development and teacher training in LSP

  • How do already-trained scholars become active researchers and practitioners in the field of LSP?
  • How should graduate students be trained in the theory and practice of LSP?
  • Online language teaching readiness in LSP 

The deadline to submit proposals has passed–we look forward to seeing you at the conference in Chicago in April.


This year we offer the opportunity for you to join us at the Chicago Language Symposium on Saturday, April 23rd, which will also center around LSP issues.

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